Member Spotlight

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Anne Leschin

Melissa Plaisance

Albertsons Companies, Inc. 
SVP - Investor Relations, Treasury and Risk Management

How long have you been a NIRI SF member?
I joined the NIRI San Francisco chapter in the Fall of 1990, so I have been a member for 32 years. I later served on the NIRI SF Board for several years, including as Program Chair. More recently, I served on the NIRI National Board of Directors for five years, and was the NIRI National Board Chair.

How has NIRI supported you professionally or personally?
In 1990, I left corporate banking and joined my favorite account, Safeway, as the Director of Investor Relations. I had never done IR before, so I immediately joined NIRI to be sure I had a network and the ability to learn about the profession and best practices.

What do you like best about IR? What is the biggest surprise when you initially got into IR?
I thrive on developing relationships, and enjoy telling stories, which is what IR is all about. In addition, I like needing to know about everything going on in the company to represent it well with investors, and being able to help our company grow and thrive from a strategic perspective by providing market feedback to the management team. The biggest surprise was that without any direct experience, I got started on the right track, and had so many people willing to help me, both inside and outside the company, including NIRI members.

What's your favorite moment or highlight of your IR career so far?
I have enjoyed successful IPO and follow-on roadshows, with several Safeway secondary offerings, taking our Blackhawk Subsidiary public, and the IPO with Albertsons. I enjoyed the preparation with bankers and lawyers, planning and meeting with investors, and gaining new stockholders.

While I love IR, my career has been enhanced by a series of opportunities to blend my IR career with other responsibilities over time, with the ability to learn and grow and contribute in different ways. While I was originally hired to handle just IR, after three years I took on responsibility for Treasury/Corporate Finance. I then took on a series of new assignments including Public Affairs for five years, Strategic Development for about ten years, Payments for five years, and the most recent assignment is Risk Management, including Insurance and Claims.

What's your career advice to a new potential IR professional?
Your career will evolve around building relationships within your company, as well as with analysts and investors. I believe networking with other IR professionals and service providers is critical to learning and bringing best practices and tools to your company, and NIRI is a great resource to help you along the way.

What's your favorite thing to do when not working?
Honestly, it is spending time with my family. I also enjoy long walks, dance classes, and attending football, baseball and soccer games.

What's your most frequently visited website, or your favorite tweet?
I enjoy travel websites and apps to plan vacations with family and friends.